Yes, it’s really called Lucky Town! لوكي تاون   Today we ventured out shopping (but didn’t get anything, except new shoes for Aman), and stopped at this popular Chinese restaurant. Agata and I were the only women in the restaurant, so our heads stayed covered. As we finished, a large delegation of men came in, […]

This was my first attempt at baking in the kitchen here. I wanted to make كلچه نوروزى I found this recipe: But rather than shell a bunch of pistachios, I used almonds, which are plentiful here and I like better anyway. 200 grams soft butter 3/4 c sugar 1 egg 2 c flour 1/2 […]

cats and dogs are a lot more prevalent here than in iraq. one of the traffic circles is a stray dog park!

This week saw a new addition to our entryway

Just singing and pushing the cart down the road

Lots of new construction here, especially near our compound and soon our mountain view will be hidden.

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