Another purple soup Saturday at Carl’s, this time borshch. All the major vegetables were $1/lb at the Inwood Farmer’s Market. The carrots were so beautiful though I was a little sad to toss them in…

A friend sent me this recipe last week, and while I absolutely love kneading bread, two things attracted me to it: only 1 1/2 cups of flour and an 18 hour rising cycle. That means I can make it at night before I go to bed, then bake it the next day when I get […]

I was tasked with importing a blogger blog to wordpress and discovered that wordpress’s import tool doesn’t work. Lots of other people have discovered this too… but the resolution seems to be a special secret. Apparently Google doesn’t like having its blogger blogs imported elsewhere so creates an ugly export file full of MSWord-style garbage […]

Inwood farmers market vegetable soup on Saturday: – 1 medium red onion – 1 large turnip – small bunch of purple carrots – small head of purple cabbage – two tomatoes – several cloves of chopped garlic – leftover celery stalk – HUGE bunch of cilantro – 3 ears of corn (steamed first, then slice […]

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