Inviato dal mio telefono

Inviato dal mio telefono

After going many years without, I finally made St Joseph’s cakes again. I followed this recipe exactly (minus the vanilla bean and lemon zest). They turned out perfectly!

Tasty, gooey and rich. Even with less sugar, it was still very sweet. Glad I used lowfat milk! The crust stuck to the pan… maybe I should have greased it more?

It all started when our friend Miguel from Hell suggested he make us corned beef and cabbage for St Patrick’s Day this year. But, we should do it on Friday or Saturday because it would of course involve Irish whiskey. And probably better to do it at our place… uhhhh, OK! Friday was out because […]

Yes, I have big sweet tooth. But I try to make healthy sweets! Really!! Well, mostly. Today I am 41.5 years old, and yes I celebrate my half birthday. I made a few cupcakes for the occasion, based on a recipe in Chanterelle, which my brother Carl gave me for my birthday last year. Brown […]

Isabella won le french spelling bee!

1. What is something mom always says to you? Do your homework. 2. What makes mom happy? When I do the dishes. 3. What makes mom sad? When I don’t do what she wants me to do. 4. How does your mom make you laugh? By telling me things that make no sense. 5. What […]

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