Even though I will not be in California on 4 November. I mailed my ballot in before I left the country. And contrary to rumors, absentee ballots are counted in California: California Voter FAQ: All Vote by Mail ballots that are returned to county election offices by 8 pm on election day are counted. After […]

We picked all these plus 4 more baggies full … I had never seen a cranberry bog before. I’ve been missing out all my life! Anna made an apple pie and we made cranberry sauce to go with it,

Inviato dal mio telefono

Even Barack Obama likes pie… Thinking about all this republican opposition to wealth redistribution, I wonder what they think those “thousand points of light” were that the Bushes used to babble on about? I am all for charity, tax deductions for charity, and absolutely see the fairness in paying higher taxes if I make more […]

Even the Bakersfield Californian says No On 8!

The nifty little PoGo Instant Printer uses Zink paper — zero ink — similar to the photos from old Polaroid cameras that all us old folk used to have, though a with different process that instantly develops and requires no drying time — tiny color crystals are heat activated by the printer and out comes […]

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