Inviato dal mio telefono

I finally upgraded my old Dell Latitude C610 laptop from 6.06 to 8.04. I’d been wanting to for a while now but never had the time. Yesterday I saw the offer in my updates and thought, sure… Then it said this will take 8 hours and download 1 GB of data. Eeks. Oh well, I […]

Bella’s science fair project is going crazy! We might have a couple ready before we leave again on Monday… Inviato dal mio telefono

Bella and I are watching Season 2 of Project Runway and we’re sad to see Daniel kicked off in the lingerie show. His was the only set that looked like sexy lingerie! Santino’s was truly the ugliest, but he is a good designer even though his attitude is really ugly, and I liked Daniel V’s […]

Dinner for 10 randomly selected friends. Where I teach Leslie how to make pasta, I learn how to make Focaccia, and everyone eats a lot! Spaghetti and Gemili Fettucini Baby asparagus, olives (some that I cured from my mother’s neighbor’s tree), chives, truffle oil Caprese! Focaccia Happy Well Fed Men

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