Jealous that my grapefruit are in SF and I am in Cambridge, I decided to do some infusing anyway with the blood oranges I got at the coop this morning on our way home from the airport. Look at them — totally purple!

One useful thing about going to bakersfield is that i can generally bring back a bag of grapefruit from my brother’s trees. He hates them. But has graciously kept the trees so that my mom and I can harvest them. I managed to eat three before leaving for boston again, but it wasn’t until today […]

These are the olives covered in boiling water: Jar on the left has brine and extra rosemary on top to keep the olives under water. Jar on the right is cold water. Olives in a box of salt:

I’m going to try each of these recipes with my freshly harvested olives: Brine cured Brine cured red-ripe or black-ripe olives are Greek-style; brine cured green olives are Sicilian style. The red-ripe olives generally turn a grey green to pink, while the black-ripe ones keep their color, becoming a Kalamata-deep purple. Again, you pick the […]

In my mom’s backyard… I pointed out to her that she has a ton of olives overflowing from the neighbor’s tree… she’d never noticed. But she does harvest their peaches too! Very kind of them to plant their fruit trees next to the fence

Bella got third place in the science fair!

Friday night I took a nice 4 hour train ride to NYC, and then a 90 min ride to Philadelphia on Saturday. It might have been faster by plane (although LGA had ground delays and flights to PHL were sold out) but overall the trip was much less stressful than flying. First of all, NO […]

I’ve been wanting to go for a while and I hope to make it before Castro dies, but I would have never thought it would also be a reason to go to Bakersfield. My mom suggested everyone come down for Easter, and I’ve been trying to remember the last time I was even there… (Ronnie’s […]

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