dodger, delynn and i passed the class! that is, we sat through an hour of rambling about dogs, mushers, diet cokes, cold and snow, and then walked around the parking lot with a dog sled team. tough!

One of the dogs on the training team was named Gonzo — he had belonged to Johnny Depp’s housekeeper, or something like that. After the practice runs, he came up to us to say hi.

Sunday we’re going to be dog handlers for the Iditarod Restart in Willow, AK. But first we need to learn how…

Here we are, on a half-empty flight from PHX to ANC. Delynn has this idea that we can somehow be dog handlers for the Iditarod…

El mejor cafe –> The best cafe! And it is! Right next to our hotel too.

Recently I took another quiz that said I lined up best with Clinton or Obama, though I agree with neither on the Iraq war. The only candidates that agreed with me there were the Libertarians, but that was the only thing we agreed on. What’s Your Political Philosophy? created with You scored as GreenThe […]

At Euromix on Piedmont Ave. 1/2 oz jar of black caviar for $46… Sovietskoe shampanskoe!

I took Bella to see Slavs! tonight, not quite positive if it was kid-appropriate, but knowing there was a kid in the cast, I figured it was ok. Turned out, there was even another kid in the audience. There was also some fairly explicit language in one lesbian scene that reminded me a lot of […]

Today I had a spare couple hours to kill waiting in a dr’s office, so for the first time in at least a year, I read the SFBG pretty much cover to cover and discovered some interesting theater happenings I might want to check out this weekend: Slavs! at Off market. Of course, I can’t […]

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