I still have mixed feelings about Bella’s school’s choice to buy expensive laptops to use as a roving computer lab, but apparently that’s happened although I haven’t heard anything from my daughter about it. I’m not sure if they went with the $500 Dells or the $1500 Macs. And are they actually using them? My […]

You gotta love a restaurant that sends you a thank note and a recipe! I posted our menu here. Ok, I think they moved to the head of charts… Bella  asked if we could go to moto again last night during our layover in Chicago. I hope they remember us… Chef Homaro Cantu, Owner Joseph […]

Recipe from David Lebovitz’ Holiday email. I did the 2-loaf pan variety, although i might have baked it a little too long. It wasn’t quite as moist as i thought it would be, but very tasty nonetheless, I think. And the boys at Dodger’s house loved it! Fresh Ginger Cake One 9-inch cake; 10 to […]

It’s been sunny every day the last few weeks and I’ve been able to enjoy it most of the time. But not this week… i’m stuck inside freezing, trying to work on a remote server over a slow connection with people i can’t understand and who don’t understand me. every key stroke takes at least […]

When someone skates over your finger.

Sunday afternoon, Dodger and I took Bella ice skating at the embarcadero rink with some friends. She started off slow but got more and more confident. She even let one of our friends pull her along until she let go and fell. “Note to self:” she said, “Never skate with Kevin again.” I, on the […]

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