wow, there are now some real options available for vegetarian food & clothing in Russia, land of meat with a side of meat.

About 18 dozen (from Ernestine Garavelli Anhalt, from Rose Garavelli) STUFFA, The Marinade 4lbs boneless bottom round or rump roast 2 toes garlic 8-10 whole cloves 1 bay leaf 1 t. whole black peppercorns 6 whole allspice 1 liter dry italian red wine 1/4 c. butter 4 T. olive oil 1 medium onion, finely chopped […]

First off, I’m not a fan of animation generally, and this trend of life-like animation I find a little tedious (although I’m more quickly driven to sleep by cartoon animation, so this is a step up)… the faces are so real, yet the bodies, especially the hands and feet, just give it away so easily. […]

some live action shots…

I want to go…. Tuvan Throat Singing Camp Two week program: June 13-26, 2008 Application deadline: April 5, 2008 or until enrollment fulfilled For the first time the internationally acclaimed CHIRGILCHIN group will invite a select group of 14 individuals from around the world to participate in a study of Throat Singing ART and Tuvan […]

it makes me really happy to see her there… I just wish I was there too!

Somehow, I figured this is what Paul was up to. Even with his behavior toward to me in September, I don’t hate him. I’m not afraid of him even. But I hope he’s getting help seeing the difference between art and insanity. We’re doing a show this weekend in honor of and in spite of […]

If anyone is in the SF Bay Area this week, I am finding myself with an extra pair of tickets for both these shows: La Rondine on Tuesday, 13 Nov, and Macbeth on Wednesday, 14 Nov (opening night). Let me know if you’re interested… .

Your Inner European is Russian! Mysterious and exotic. You’ve got a great balance of danger and allure. Who’s Your Inner European? .

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