We have wonderfully warm (hot even) weather here in oakland this week! So i’ve been taking stella out on the trail that david usually runs. The n95’s gps calculated this today: dist: 4.9 km time: 1:00:51 Av. sp: 4.9 km/hr (is that slow? i even jogged some of it, but there are some pretty steep […]

I was just talking to a friend tonight, who is depressed about a guy and suggested she take calcium to help with mood swings, especially since she’s over 40. I’ve made a concerted effort to take calcium supplements this year and have definitely noticed improvement in my moods and health. I went to find a […]

At dna friday… fun german burlesque decadence with dodger!

Bekämen doch die Lügner alle Ein solches Schloss vor ihren Mund! Statt Haß, Verleumdung, schwarzer Galle, Bestände Lieb’ und Bruderbund. If only all liars would get Such a padlock in front of their mouth! Instead of hatred, slander, black temper, Love and Brotherhood would endure. .

We saw Truphone at Demo2007 and it looked pretty interesting. I finally got around to installing it on my N95, along with Devicescape — which lets me use T-mobile wifi. So this should help keep my cell phone bill under control when I’m out of the US…

The view from our balcony on King Street…

Belgium Cracks Up i have always believed that cultural identities should be preserved and isolated, if desired. no one should be forced to give up their native language or traditions. people should be able to choose what language and cultural practices they want to live with. I am all for the propagation and survival of […]

last night i had a train ticket receipt in my email. i thought, how odd, i didn’t buy a train ticket. it was for my mother, informing me she was here today. no note, no requests, nothing more at all. this morning, a phone call. “i’m at bella’s school. take me to the train station? […]

I’d noticed the last several months I haven’t been craving chocolate much. I think this is because I’ve been limiting myself to only the ultra-premium 70% or higher types. Which I like but find that I am satisfied after only one or two bites, and then can go weeks without thinking about it again. Well, […]

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