Turned out really well but the photos are on a different camera … .

Thanks, brother. I know about a dozen people who have birthdays during this week, including me, another brother, my uncle, and several friends. Best gift so far: from me, an IUD. Finally… 20 years and 5 terminations later. Why isn’t this free and mandatory for every girl in America? $400 but I feel liberated, at […]

$4,800 iPhone bill. And given the fact you can’t even remove the battery, if you ever travel out of the US and take your phone (thinking you might want to make a call from the airport maybe when you get back or just before you leave?) you are screwed! And to think, Cisco jumped on […]

We took a beautiful 6 hour hike today, climbing over 3000 feet vertical (starting at an elevation of over 8000 feet), first along the bear creek trail to the waterfall, during which we were caught in a pretty good rain fall. Then we ascended even higher up the wasatch trail, and after about 4 hours […]

Austrailians come up with the craziest shorts. Great movies overall this year… Lots of foreign films but we did see one US release: Into the Wild. Amazing and beautiful. Oh, and we talked with Sean Penn last night.

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