Very cute site by a graduate student at a British design school in Moscow. (In flash, of course)

David Lebovitz continues to crack me up and make the most profound observations about the differences between the Bay Area and Europe: … “In spite of their alleged laissez-faire, free-wheelin’ attitudes, San Franciscans are not quite the wild-and-crazy bunch you might think. Like…yes, you have the right to be nude, but I have the right […]

Why oh why do these people have so much time on their hands? I can laugh about it only because I’m not in the US right now, and even though I am in a very catholic country, I don’t see idiots like this making the news. Some choice quotes: “Lopez had 15 minutes to make […]

I love it! I especially love this email to blog functionality. David has some really smart ideas. thank you thank you thank you!!!! I really need to finish this translation now. Has anyone read Coin Locker Babies? . david makes mr satan’s hands

I’m in Italy for the next 5 weeks. Most everything I post will be on the Pieve di Cerreto blog. I’m also in the process of moving this one over to our new server on WordPress as well. I absolutely love being able to post by e-mail and send photos to it from my phone. […]

i’m not a big fan of apples by themselves, but i do have a fondness for applesauce… it’s definitely a comfort food and childhood memory. So we’ve had this big bowl of apples sitting on the counter since March from the Deployed ordeal (the production assistant had made a costco run so we have cases […]

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