I had a great time yesterday with Ronnie and Caryn in Oceanside. i’m not a big socal beach fan, but oceanside was surprisingly nice! on a warm summer friday afternoon the beach outside Ronnie’s door was clean and uncrowded. the water was warm enough to swim in and the waves big enough to have fun, […]

I’m sitting in southwest baggage claim waiting for my mom to deplane so she can take bella for the week while i go check out noho theaters for gonzo. i gave her premier status on united, but no she has to take southwest… i don’t even know what flight she’s coming in on. maybe she’ll […]

i haven’t been posting much here for various reasons. for one, my personal life has been really difficult lately and i think if i were to rant on at any length about it most of you would think i was insane. i think i am anyway, but i don’t need for my coworkers to think […]

Adapted from David Lebovitz, The Perfect Scoop: Mint stracciatella: soak a handful of fresh mint leaves in 1 1/2 cups of half & half for an hour over low heat. Beat together 2 eggs and 1 cup of half and half with 1/2 c sugar. Strain the mint leaves from the first milk and add […]

This should make getting to Italy a little easier! On June 1, Delta launched its non-stop flight from New York John F. Kennedy to Pisa, operating four times a week.

anyone ever been here? David Lebovitz says it’s excellent, but why is it called BI-RITE??? mmmm… ice cream….

Thank you Ronnie, my favorite iMovie-maker!update: wordpress doesn’t seem to like embedded youtube videos… update 2: figured it out… just need the embed code, none of the object or other params.

Being a native english speaker is one of those unfair advantages that I wish I didn’t have. David thinks the US will become a Spanish-speaking majority within our lifetime, but I’m not so optimistic. I hope statements like this aren’t the consolation prize for every other langugage as well: “Sooner or later, Spanish becomes a […]

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