I paid my electric bill at the bank! Yay. Set up automatic debit so I don’t have to worry about it going forward. Our lovely banca toscana however has moved to the strip mall, which is near the entrance to town, no longer on the cute main street. it’s only a couple minutes’ walk to […]

preheat oven to 150 Celsius melt 200 grams of butter (4/5 block) beat 4 eggs until uniformly yellow beat in 400 grams of sugar beat in the melted butter stir in 125 grams of cocoa carefully! stir in 50 grams of flour plop into a buttered baking dish: bake for 45 minutes… Adapted from The […]

i’m sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window at the mountains in tuscany. the sun is warming up the apartment and drying my laundry. earlier my neighbors were discussing and arguing in that cute italian way. motorcycles i think were part of it, as my neighbor seemed to be working on his. Isabella is […]

Bella wouldn’t want anyone to see this, but then again she recorded it!! Still, it’s just too cute not to post.

someone explain this youtube thing to me… it doesn’t seem to work very well. i mean, it worked fine before i created an account. it was all good and nice to just watch videos. then i kept getting sent videos and being asked to join up. so i did, even though i hate creating new […]

I know I’m guilty of heightened frustration when people write or say stupid things, but I think I’m not quite this bad…

i love xkcd

Haven’t been here since I was about 9 I think. This was the place the grandparents would take me & Jimmy when grandpa had a medical convention there. I remember a big old hotel with columns and elevators that my brother and I would chase each other on when we weren’t swimming. David took us […]

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