I’m going to be changing domain registrars in light of this story about Godaddy, my current registrar, so the site may be down for a day or during the next week. After that, and definitely after the show ends on Saturday (for which we are sold out), I will post all the gory details about […]

Good comeback… Zune vs. Ipod But as one comment put it, “it’d suck if Microsoft started making real commercials like that. They’d be bringing themselves down to Apple’s level”

It’s good to see Cisco sponsoring this: No Name Calling Week

This one I can definitely laugh at.

I’d find these things more highly amusing if it weren’t so eye-rollingly exasperating. There are MILLIONS of english speakers in the world. How hard is it to run this by one of them before printing it up and immortalizing it for all to laugh at? Emma is right. I don’t do whimsy too well. The […]

You’re Prince Orlofsky! Oh, the endless millions, oh, the oceans of vodka, oh, the terrible crushing ennui.

“If only I could get away…”

I think the dry freeze in the bay area was killing me, upon landing here in this hot humid town that generally i despise, i felt immediate relief. We’re here to check out the gun business…

“This play beats you senseless with a powerful and intimate peer into the life and studies of Hunter S. Thompson between 1968 and 1971. Chaotic, violent, ebullient, stunning and gorgeous in that wildly weird way that Thompson launched from his biting typewriter.” American Express is so hip!

Strangely, this is the first play I’ve been involved with in the Bay Area. Opening night the house was packed. We didn’t turn anyone away, but it was pretty squishy. Saturday night we had about 1/3 as many, but I thinned out the seats so it was more comfortable and didn’t look sparse. Paul’s performance […]

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