Not bad! ]]>

I learned not to disagree with people you don’t know in online forums. even in a forum where supposedly you have some core values in common. i also learned that taking offense at something someone writes in a vent, and then expressing your opinion about it, just opens you up to virulent personal attacks by […]


I like to use Paralink when looking for a quick translation of something, but the only Italian option is into Russian, which is fine for me since I speak Russian. So I input this paragraph: Appartamento ad uso civile abitazione elevato al primo piano e composto da cucina, soggiorno, camera e bagno. A corredo vano […]


immediately after landing at SFO, David picked me up and took me with him to San Jose where we worked on last night’s SRL show, Ghostly Scenes of Infernal Desecration: An SRL End of Days Production. I kinda like the ring of the original working title, 6 Flags over Hell, since it was pretty much […]

i finally went there yesterday for tea and got a box of assorted macarons. just had the caramel one and OH MY GOD. heaven in my mouth! oh and the mocha macaron is quite good too. ]]>

so Annie says, I can’t check my email, my laptop has died. Every two years it dies and I have to get a new one. I say: It’s an ibook? yep. no further questions. [ronnie Larsen on Tue, 08 Aug 2006 at 00:30:33] ibookibookibookibookibook!!!!!!!yes!!!!!!!!!!!! [ca on Tue, 08 Aug 2006 at 04:54:06] i think every […]

I took this of myself at the gym in the hotel when were in LA in April. Then I uploaded to this site and got these results: chris evert heidi klum bulgakov michael howard henry moore whoopi goldberg janacek scarlett johansson philip glass Ok, I’ll go with Chris Evert, Heidi Klum & scarlett Johansson, but […]

where can i get this? I guess i just have to wait for HBO to air it again? Come on Ronnie, you must have a copy somewhere…. Give it up for Swan Brooner ]]>

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