since moving my desk to david’s i have much less reason to be here at the house which was once mine. it’s still nice, but a little emptier. plus i have my ubuntu server install project waiting for me at david’s! it’s definitely colder up here. i may turn the heat on soon. or take […]

Whole Foods says boiling lobsters is “cruel”. Freezing them alive is much nicer! “If they ban the lobsters, what’s next?” — Honey production is cruel to the bees [jennconspiracy on Wed, 12 Jul 2006 at 08:25:51] Of course it is cruel to bees. But – they are BEES! And Lobsters… well. OK, we can raise […]

Probably not the best time of year to be ordering cheap caviar, but this site actually delivered… And now it’s not available any more! ]]>

I got up early today meaning to do some work, but instead was sidetracked by this Swiss film site, Trigon Films. They’re heavy on the Asian and African filmmakers, but I also found several Cuban, South American and even Tadzhik and Kyrgyz films. In the end I ordered 10 films: 1 x Salvador Allende (DVD) […]

a summer storm in denver meant our flight from oakland got in 3 hours late. Missed our connection to boston, and david was feeling too sick to take the redeye, united very kindly put us up in a hotel and rebooked us on a flight tomorrow. i did manage to get some work done, though […]

After getting my ritualized hair color and neck massage (i just love having my body parts played with!), I wanted to pick up a spackle knife at the local hardware store. However, they closed at 4:30, just when I got there. Who closes at 4:30??? Coincidentally (I think not), the Cheeseboard’s Pizza shop *opens* at […]


the winning word in the National Spelling Bee was Ursprache — one of my most favorite words, and like LanguageHat, I too cringed when I heard the NPR guy say “ersprake”!

This time, Philadelphia “If chefs are going to cook meat, it is splitting hairs to worry about foie gras…” “…banning foie gras is a government intrusion into people’s right to eat what they wish. After foie gras, they predict, the next items on the banned menu will be lobster (boiled alive), rabbit (a popular pet) […]

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