how did i miss this…? uh thanks governator, for caring about the ducks and geese… geez people, get a life. if you don’t like foie gras, don’t eat it!!! as Mayor Daley said: “We have children getting killed by gang leaders and dope dealers [...] We have real issues here in this city. And we’re […]

Find your own pose! I took this test twice, and both times came up with this… but really we tend to sleep right next to each other in the middle of the bed. unless it gets too hot… then we end up on either end. Comments (0) ]]>

i am so annoyed with the bay area… its weather and the self righteousness of it — can you believe someone spit on my car today?? i escaped to LA tonight. back to SF tomorrow to sign off the title of my house to andre and then back to LA again. the people are actually […]

i don’t really hate them, but i can identify with this guy! Comments (0) ]]>

oh the bakerina can be so cruel! her musings on grapefruit had me craving grapefruit granita tonight… which i had to satify with a mere peach & yogurt smoothie… and then she tempts with something called Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake with Grapefruit Cream Cheese Frosting… whatever could that be?? google to the rescue! now, the […]

lately i’ve been focused on how to make my working space more comfortable, in an effort to be more productive… which i haven’t been for about a year. at david’s house i set up a heater under my desk. in cambridge, i bought an office chair: I had an extra 45 minutes on my ZipCar […]

did i forget to mention that we took the weekend off and went to keystone? finally some skiing — 3 days on the slopes with bella. i tried to take her with me on the first day, since she’s been skiing in lessons the last three seasons, but it was too much for her. the […]

so i installed opera, and it crashed the first time i ran it while i tried to set my preferences. i can forgive that. after that it was running happily as my sole browser. it even sends the IE6 agent header so sites that only want IE should let it browse them. well it was […]

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