i loved firefox when i first discovered it… i put up with its beta quirkiness on some sites, figuring they were just poorly coded sites… i joyfully disabled java completely since it couldn’t handle it and i was happy to be free from any site that needed a java applet to display an annoying animated […]

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The PMS blues hit me on Monday and by yesterday I was a sobbing mess. No headaches this time, but trying to keep the irrational sadness to myself only works as long as nothing is upsetting my plans and everyone is patient and considerate. Fortunately, there is something that brightens my day… brownies. My previous […]

making our way to boston… our flight to ord was delayed so we were told the only option was a red eye out of lax… turns out the connection from ord to bos is also delayed, so we tried to get back on the original oak-ord flight, but they wouldn’t let us, claiming tsa/faa/god required […]

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i called my mom yesterday for the first time in a long time wanting to talk to her. interestingly, we had a good talk… the mother of my dear friend Ronnie died last week and the funeral was today, so I flew down to Bakersfield. I looked forward to seeing my mom and actually having […]

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