Austrailians come up with the craziest shorts. Great movies overall this year… Lots of foreign films but we did see one US release: Into the Wild. Amazing and beautiful. Oh, and we talked with Sean Penn last night.

12:08 East of Bucharest: sweet and funny movie about a talk show in a Bucharest suburb debating whether or not the revolution happened there before Ceaucescu stepped down. I love eastern european comedies and really enjoyed this. great music too. The Namesake: Mira Nair’s new movie about an American born Bengali boy named Gogol by […]

We started another early day with Paolo Cherchi Usai‘s “short” experimental film called Passio, and ended it with the late showing of 7 shorts set in the UK called Civic Life. Although the beginning and ending events weren’t quite up to the excellence we’d been used to, the three films in the middle far and […]

This morning started early with a bit of history about Alexander Korda and his filmmaking empire. His nephew spoke afterwards and recounted funny stories, such as how Korda gave him $100 and told him not to save it or spend it, but to waste it. Next we saw the utterly hilarious slasher film Severance, which […]

How could I not see a movie called Fur? Intriguing “imaginary biography” of Diane Arbus, who breaks out of the dutiful housewife trap. And then of course I had to see Babel, an amazing hexalingual movie (including sign language) about how one gun affects the lives of 4 families around the world. [ronnie Larsen on […]

Our first film was Todd Field’s Little Children, which sets up a story about Sarah, a mother who feels slightly out of place on the playground, sitting apart from the majority. The moms cattily criticize everything that repulses them, and Sarah dares to speak up for the other side. The film builds up to an […]

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