Sundays are a busy day in our neighborhood. Lots of churches. And today being Easter, everyone who claims to go to church actually does. People who don’t live in our neighborhood drive and park here to go the churches on our street. But our neighbors, who are Mormon, drive elsewhere to go to church. And […]

Late afternoon walk today and the frogs in the pond were so loud! Took me forever to get my phone to record them, and even then the format isn’t usable as a ring tone, or apparently even recognized by Postie. Oh well. Inviato dal mio telefono

“Prop 8 – The Musical” starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly, and many more… by Jack Black

Christians and other religious types can’t seem to fathom how to be good without being told what good is. Do they just lack common sense? Are they missing a gene for basic human empathy? Are they intellectually retarded? Further proof that religion is not evil, it’s just dumb. “Humanists have always understood that you don’t […]

Even Barack Obama likes pie… Thinking about all this republican opposition to wealth redistribution, I wonder what they think those “thousand points of light” were that the Bushes used to babble on about? I am all for charity, tax deductions for charity, and absolutely see the fairness in paying higher taxes if I make more […]

Even the Bakersfield Californian says No On 8!

The nifty little PoGo Instant Printer uses Zink paper — zero ink — similar to the photos from old Polaroid cameras that all us old folk used to have, though a with different process that instantly develops and requires no drying time — tiny color crystals are heat activated by the printer and out comes […]

I am already going to Equalipalooza tomorrow night, and today I made an additional donation to No on 8. HRC will match contributions to the No on 8 campaign if you contribute here. Here are some interesting facts that counter the lies being told by prop 8 supporters (researched by a member of the Cisco […]

I finally upgraded my old Dell Latitude C610 laptop from 6.06 to 8.04. I’d been wanting to for a while now but never had the time. Yesterday I saw the offer in my updates and thought, sure… Then it said this will take 8 hours and download 1 GB of data. Eeks. Oh well, I […]

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