We saw Truphone at Demo2007 and it looked pretty interesting. I finally got around to installing it on my N95, along with Devicescape — which lets me use T-mobile wifi. So this should help keep my cell phone bill under control when I’m out of the US…

Although in my case, I say “my server’s rebooting.” That buys me an hour every time.

Looking for clues as to what I can substitute for baking soda, which I can’t seem to find here in Italy, and what baking ammonia is, which I did find… and i found this interesting site: O Chef… Answers to Life’s vexing cooking questions… But here is the real answer I was looking for: The […]

Why oh why do these people have so much time on their hands? I can laugh about it only because I’m not in the US right now, and even though I am in a very catholic country, I don’t see idiots like this making the news. Some choice quotes: “Lopez had 15 minutes to make […]

I love it! I especially love this email to blog functionality. David has some really smart ideas. thank you thank you thank you!!!! I really need to finish this translation now. Has anyone read Coin Locker Babies? . david makes mr satan’s hands

i haven’t been posting much here for various reasons. for one, my personal life has been really difficult lately and i think if i were to rant on at any length about it most of you would think i was insane. i think i am anyway, but i don’t need for my coworkers to think […]

David’s recipe: Mix together a cup of strong coffee, a pint of half & half, and sugar to taste slowly add three cups of liquid nitrogen… YUM!

in welsh

boot up the ubuntu livecd… in Russian. pretty nifty, i think it’s a keeper. screw that winxp activation crap! Bella’s going to love this!

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