Because apparently, Sitting is the New Smoking

Turns out sitting too much is the problem, and just going to the gym a couple times a week doesn’t help as much as moving frequently. One good thing about working from home, I can get up whenever I want.

So, my new schedule will include a little exercise first thing before coffee, and then after every 2 hours of work until I’ve done 8 hours worth.

Do 5-10 minutes 5 times a day (30-60 seconds per exercise):

Side stretches (stretch over to each side)
Toe touches
Leg lifts
Arm curls sitting, standing, lying

Timekeeping is a useful feature of phones!. Also, a song that’s exactly
the right length is good for keeping track of time without having to
look at the clock, especially for the plank.


Ah ha, the NYTimes has created a nice webapp with metronome!

Ok, time to move!