It wasn’t even that long, but it was starting to get backed up, and people started wondering why a few of the agents were just “standing around”… And then a PWM behind me said loudly “This is what health care is going to be like soon.” To which a second replied, “Sure will be, I don’t know how anyone could be stupid enough to vote for that!”

How? How about any one of the more than 40 million Americans without health insurance that would happily stand in line knowing they’ll finally get preventive health care, which had been inaccessible to them before?

How do these Privileged White Males compare their choice to fly commercial during Spring Break with the need for health care? Come on, you guys could have flown a chartered jet and avoided that wait! Just like you still can go to the doctor of your choice, regardless of what health insurance companies are willing to pay.

Admit it – if you’re against the Affordable Care Act, then you’re saying people who can’t afford the “luxury” of health care should absolutely not have access to it.